My interest in birth and supporting in women as they listen to their intuition was born long ago.
But it was 2010 when I began attending births as a DONA-trained doula. 
Shortly after that I began as a home-birth assistant. 
I then realized I wanted to serve families in a more holistic way.
I trained as a traditional midwife using the North American Registry of Midwives Portfolio Evaluation Process
 and completed Mercy in Action's College of Midwifery in 2016. 

Currently I reside in Danville, IL and serve families in East Central Illinois and West Central Indiana with several valuable birth services that include, but aren't limited to, doula, montrice, and placenta encapsulation services.

I continue to await full legal autonomy for traditional midwifery in Illinois. Read more about that status of non-nurse midwife licensing attempts in Illinois and join the effort here:

Our Story

My partner and I and our 4 children have a little homestead where we love gardening, raising chickens and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Check out my blog for more about the crazy life of a birth worker.